Amplifying Voices


Empower People

"We envision a western Wisconsin where a strong local community supports justice and a high quality of life for all who reside here." 

Actions for achieving our vision:

  • Build a community network of people and groups advocating for human rights, education, the environment, democratic institutions, and accessible and affordable healthcare

  • Influence public policy votes by developing and/or publicizing community-based lobbying efforts and direct contact events such as town halls and local demonstrations

  • Give voice to the voiceless by encouraging dialogue based on fact, reason, and a shared sense of justice

  • Call out abuses of power and campaigns designed to divide us through fear, greed, confusion, or jealousy


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                          Rise Up! Networking Picnic

                         Rise Up! Networking Picnic

                      Rising Up! at the Women's March

                     Rising Up! at the Women's March

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